Please find below a short intro about the company, the team, the platform we have build, and the zero knowledge advertising research and zero knowledge token.

The company

Profila is a Swiss-based limited liability company founded in 2015 and fully operational since 2017, actively researching and building a privacy-preserving alternative to third party cookies, under the name “Zero Knowledge Advertising” (ZKA).

The Team

Profila is lead by a multinational team with experience in privacy, AdTech, crypto & blockchain.

The Platform

​Profila is a platform that enables individuals to communicate with various organizations in their lives, privately, one-to-one, and without supervision or surveillance. It’s a mobile (iOS/Android) application for individuals and a web-based dashboard for companies, organizations, governments, and other legal entities (which we call “Brands”).
Using Profila, people can manage their digital life in one location via an app that shows which organisations have access to (certain parts of) their personal data.

Zero Knowlegde Advertising (ZKA) and Zero Knowlegde Token (ZKT)

ZKA is an advertising ecosystem where no personal data from an internet user browsing the web is shared with third parties (advertisers, publishers etc.), but where the individual still receives relevant ads anonymously.
As part of its ZKA strategy, Profila is creating a blockchain-based token – called Zero Knowledge Token (ZKT) – which will incentivize people to use the Profila platform, the ZKA system and will compensate internet users for helping keep their identities (IP addresses) anonymous (through peer-to-peer technologies) and will help to identify and reduce Ad fraud (through audit trails) and the misuse of personal data online by businesses.
* ZKT is a incentive and reward-based token that is a native Cardano token.
* It gives Profila users a control over their personal data and compensates users for sharing data with brands.
* The token has a clear purpose as a payment tool and is expected to grow in importance as Profila expands.
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